Paraplanning in 3 Steps

This process is for guidance purposes only. We will work with aiming to free up your time, and to implement the most effective process, that works for you and your business.


Our Process

The most important part of our process is to agree with you your preferences for information flow. It will provide a fundament to a lasting business relationship. We offer a number of different communication methods, just pick which works best for you.

We use a project management software, which keeps you informed of the case progress. You can also manage yourself by adding cases, files or updating the workflow priority. 

Zoom/ phone/
face to face

We will work with you to keep you informed, be it on a call, Zoom or a meeting in your office.


We establish access to a  'could' based drive, which only you and Plan Assist can access. This works the same as drag and dropping any documents into a drive on your own PC. This means that the files can be accessed by you any time and anywhere.


We can use our standard Plan Assist email and are also happy to work with your  dedicated email address.


We understand that Compliance is continuously evolving, which is why we work with professional compliance people and Plan Assist will shortly offer compliance service under one roof. We also carry out a regular independent compliance review to ensure we obtain an independent and objective opinion of the work that we carry out.

Strategies that we can prepare